Controlling Fall Armyworms

See Alabama lawn and garden extension for more details.

Call today for a Free Estimate, if you are seeing caterpillars chewing plant tissue, call asap. If your yard needs to be mowed, mow your lawn prior to treatment.  If you are seeing small worm like bugs on your driveway, call for a Treatment.


Happy Thanksgiving

We will be closing at 2 pm on November 25th, and closed November 26 & 27. We will resume normal business hours on November 30th. We pray you all have a safe and healthy Thanksgiving. We want to thank all of our dedicated employees who are considered essential workers that have taken this year seriously to protect each others health so we could continue to provide a much needed service in our industry. Thank you, we are thankful for all of you. Dave & Christina

Fire Ants in Cumberland County

Are you seeing mounds of sand like material in your yard or along your driveway? Fire Ants have been identified in Cumberland County. Do not let your children near the mounds, Fire Ant mounds have foraging tunnels that can travel up to 30 plus feet from the center of the mound. The closer you get to the mound the better the chances of a sting, or 100 or so. Advanced Termite will provide a Free Inspection. Stay Safe, keep your animals and children safe. 931-456-6689