Prior to treatment:

 All clutter needs to be removed. Kitchen cabinets, under sinks, and any food items need to be either put in the fridge or bagged up to avoid contamination from the chemicals. The less clutter, the more effective our treatment will be. We will be concentrating on known problem areas (under the fridge, dishwasher, oven, cabinets, etc.

The treatment might take up to 2 hours, depending on the infestation. During that time, all pets and people must remain out of the house during treatment.

After treatment, let the house stand empty for 2-3 hours, giving the chemical time to saturate the cracks and crevices. Then upon entry, open the doors and windows to air the house out for 30 minutes before spending any time in there. People with breathing issues should not enter for several hours after treatment.

Upon clearing, wipe down your hard surfaces (countertops, tables, etc.) that may come in contact with food. Vacuum diligently, making sure to get under ledges and cracks.

The treatment can take 5-7 days for a full effect. You will notice cockroaches crawling up walls (this means they are infected with the residual chemicals and are dying).


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