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We can pretreat new construction in order to prevent termites. We also offer post-construction perimeter treatment to prevent termite infestation. If you have discovered that termites are already actively assaulting your foundation, we can treat the infestation and repair the damaged the area.


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Interesting Termite Facts

  • Termites eat non-stop – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • The queen of a certain termite species can lay up to 40,000 eggs per day.
  • When forming a new colony, flying male and female “swarmer” termites break off their wings, enter wood through a crack or hole, mate and begin feeding.
  • Other insects have long lived immature stages but termites appear to have the longest lived adult reproductive lives.
  • Termites burrow into wood to obtain food.
  • Given enough time, termites will feed until nothing is left of the wood but a shell.
  • Termites cause as much as $5 billion in damage each year. Formosan termites alone cause over $1 billion in damage every year.
  • An estimated 15% of all new homes have serious structural defects and damages, which may include termite damage.