Moisture Control

Keeping moisture at 50% or below will keep fungi/mold from growing, also making conditions less conducive for termites and insects.

Why is high crawl space moisture a bad thing?

  • Mold and mildew growth: A damp environment is very unhealthy and destructive. Mold thrives and reproduces by producing airborne spores by the millions, some of which are toxic.
  • High humidity: High humidity is absorbed into the wood structure and moves upward into the hardwood floors, which causes the floors to “cup.” Cupping is when the hardwood floor absorbs so much moisture the wood swells and pushes upward at its edges.
  • Structural damage: Rot and decay occur in damp environments causing structural damage.
  • Higher energy costs: Heating and cooling costs are higher in a home with a vented dirt crawl space.
  • Insects and critters: Insects and critters of all kinds love damp environments and wet materials.

Benefits of an Encapsulated Crawl Space:

An Encapsulation Crawl Space System completely isolates your home from the earth.

This dramatically reduces the humidity level in the air, reducing or, in most cases eliminating mold growth, rot, and pests from your crawl space and making the whole house healthier.

Moisture comes into your home from two sources the ground (dirt) and outdoor air.

We can save you a bundle on your heating and cooling costs and improve your air quality by sealing off your crawl space environment and installing a commercial-grade dehumidifier.